23 April 2014

all my life

I woke up to the news of a new Beyonce song and thought "God, what a time to be alive". Her producer Boots released the song 'Dreams' off his upcoming mix-tape which FEATURES Beyonce. I'm kinda blown away that this guy had the guts/nerve/gall to ask Bey to just sing BACK-UPS for him but, God, it's so good so whatever. 

p.s. You should also listen to A$AP Rocky's version of Lykke Li's 'No Rest For The Wicked' 
p.p.s. You should also listen to this old song I only just heard which samples No Doubt's greatest work 'Don't Speak'

22 April 2014

New | Jas


I feel quite smug and chuffed as I made the whole pattern and jacket with my own brain. Plus it's fully lined and has some sweet pockets.

As this was only the sample (which is the test garment you make up and from there assess what you need to change/alter) I just used some old corduroy I had lying around, but it actually worked very well, right? It made me think of the first time I sewed a men's shirt; I made it out of this pretty flower-print fabric and remember thinking "haaa as if a guy would ever wear this floral, but whatever, it's just the sample!" and it turned out to be my first shirt sale. I feel like there's a moral or something in this story but can't bring myself to pull it all together. Basically jackets are coming soon, for boys and girls x

21 April 2014

Puppy Club | Lookbook | April/May 2014

man, I've missed making stuff for girls so here are some crop tees, skirts, and body-suits. They're all available at Babette - that's one more shop in Cape Town stocking Puppy Club, yay!

Models : Kirsty Williams and Romy Jo Swales
Photographer : Ian Reeves
All Clothing : Puppy Club

p.p.s. How cute do Kirsty and Romy look together?

09 April 2014

sweater weather

Last week was the best sweater weather; I put on my winter sheets, unpacked my sweaters from storage, had an allergic reaction to all the dust from storage and everything. 
I whipped up a few sweatshirts and they're available from Cloak & Dagger in Claremont now. There are more coming soon - they've just been put on hold 'cos goddamn, it's hot all of a sudden and I can barely move in the sauna that is my bedroom/studio, let alone be inspired to make warm things.

08 April 2014

New | Bones

Ooh, just dropped this very handsome one-of-a-kind Puppy Club-made dinosaur-print shirt at Cloak & Dagger
go and get it while you still can :)

Puppy Club | November '13 from Puppy Club on Vimeo.

this week | my day with leo

My favourite Instagram account at the moment
I did some detective work (scrolled all the way to the bottom) and saw that this project started as this girl putting a cute Polaroid of Swoony Swan Leo in random places and taking photos of it. This was cute and all but she knew she could take it up a notch, and started cutting him out properly and popping him all over town, making him look like he fits in and stuff. We get to see Rose and Jack slow-dancing in a construction site, Romeo hangin' in Manhattan Avenue, and Young Leo perched on the edge of a toilet. 

27 March 2014

this week | Chopin list

I walk past this car most days. It's green, has a green sun-reflector and it's number-plate says 'KERMIT' - how good?!
I had this picture of Chopin in a frame and one day he fell out of it and instead of just picking it up and throwing the piece of paper away I just left it there on the floor and now it blows around the house and keeps popping up everywhere like I'll see his haunting eyes peering out from under the couch or sometimes he blows into the bathroom even. Anyway I wrote some groceries on it and now it's a Chopin list, GOOD ONE RIGHT?! OK I'll throw him away now. | me in my new favourite outfit | Green Eyes graffiti in the CBD
I'm shooting these guys this weekend, yay! | en route to my root canal in Muizenberg | a red velvet cupcake feast

p.s. let's be instagram friends @andiepuppy

25 March 2014

easy easy

spent an hour making a collage and called it work
shit, I'm so excited to be shooting my new girl's things this weekend. The weather's getting kinda crappy but I'm still in the mood for pastel two-pieces and body suits AND YOU'D BETTER BE TOO

15 March 2014

tasty treats

AH I'm so excited for my new girls' stuff! I have finished some of it already, how ice-cream tasty do they look?

p.s. more pastels: pink, mint and blue

14 March 2014

NEW : Under The Sea

Under The Sea Print / 1 of 1 / Small/Medium / Available exclusively to Journey x

thanks, Tommy

I think I spend more time looking at Tommy Ton's street style photos than I do looking at the actual fashion shows. I saved all the best shots and saw they could be grouped into trends of fun prints, denims, tartan and opulence - all my favourite things!
also, these lips..!

13 March 2014

double double this this

a little look at things to come

I have claimed the samples as my own already 'cos they're so nice (can I say that? I did.)

06 March 2014


Miu Miu + pastels + quilting, oh boy.

all photographs from style.com 'cos duh
colour blocks added by me 'cos what else am I doing with my time let's be honest

05 March 2014

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my sweet backpack)

 Upholstery shops have the nicest fabric but it's usually too thick to make clothes out of. I found this material (called 'Nature Study') and had an attempt at backpack-making. I've used it every day since! How professional does that bit of webbing at the top look? Yhu.
I also made a mint green & cream striped one for my friend's birthday
I think the backpack game is well catered for in Cape Town, but if you want a custom-made one I'll do it for you 'cos you seem nice. I mean you're reading my blog...you're still reading this bit even though there aren't any more pictures...nice!

New | Clouds

Cloud Print / 1 of 1 / Small/Medium / available exclusively at Journey

p.s. clouds = rain = the weather, right? Kinda? Fine, I just wanted a smooth way to introduce this Drakeweather mix I found on YOH!'s blog
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